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Important Note!

The membership prices provided below are for your reference and planning… you won’t be making a payment at this time. When you submit your Online BRYC Membership Application, it marks the beginning of our 3-Step Enrollment process. When you submit your online application, it will be promptly forwarded to the BRYC Membership Director & Committee who will then get in touch with you to have a chat and guide you through the next steps. 

We very much appreciate your interest and look forward to connecting! 🌊🛥️

Social Membership

Social Privileges

$733 1st Year

$525 2nd & Ongoing Years


Social & Pool Membership

Social & Pool Privileges

$1295 1st Year

$900 2nd & Ongoing Years


Regular Membership

Boat, Social & Pool Privileges

$1745 1st Year

$1200 2nd & Ongoing Years


Thinking of Joining BRYC?
(Good Idea. Here's Why.)

BRYC members and atmosphere are warm, friendly, and well-known throughout the Yacht Club community. 

Our members include boaters and non-boaters – some who cruise on their boats, some who like to relax poolside, while others love hanging out on the deck with other members and enjoying great friendships. We sit high on a hill overlooking the Bush River… the view can’t be beaten.  

Many members consider BRYC their second home, where they come to have a stress-free meal or cocktail among folks who treat them like family.

So, if you’re looking to expand your experiences, dock your boat, meet new people, or simply look to join a social club … BRYC is what you’re looking for.

Top Reasons to Join BRYC

The value of BRYC memberships is described as one of the best-kept secrets on the Chesapeake Bay!   Call it ‘bang for your buck’ or simply receiving outstanding value for your Social and Entertainment dollar.

The Four Season Yacht Club!

BRYC has events all year long. We have something for every member of the family.

Sensational Value for Your Entertainment Dollar!

Members enjoy both casual dinners to formal balls and events.

We bring sensational live music, seasonal menus, and a pool that’s a welcomed relief spot during the hot months. Everyone in your family will find something to enjoy at BRYC.

Boating. Live Music. Pool.

BRYC’s boating members host a busy agenda of cruises, where members can cruise to various destinations up and down the Chesapeake Bay.

Reciprocating Club Privileges

As a member of BRYC, you have guest privileges at all of the supporting clubs in the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Clubs Association (CBYCA).  The CBYCA has over 100 member clubs up and down the east coast.  One of the primary purposes of the CBYCA is to protect the interests of boaters through legislation and interaction with national, state, and local boating and waterway organizations, public and private.

Our Promise.

When you provide your contact information, we promise NOT to bombard you with promotions or other types of marketing. The info you provide us is used to contact you and to let you know what's happening at BRYC.

That's it. End of story. Ok?

If you're not ready to complete the Online BRYC Membership form, then use the form below to learn more about BRYC ... we'll call you and have a nice chat!